Here they are! The latest trends in volunteering and doing good. Based on Europe’s largest volunteer survey, conveniently bundled in one Ebook.

Want to know how you can recruit more or younger volunteers? What is or will be popular? How corona is effecting the need for informal care and support? What challenges civil society organizations in the Netherlands face? Or how ‘doing good’ is evolving at an accelerated pace via a platform like NLvoorelkaar? We bundled all these insights and trends together for you into a complete Ebook. Enjoy!

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NLvoorelkaar is the largest volunteering platform in the Netherlands (and frankly in Europe as well). Every year, together with Prof. dr. Lucas Meijs of Erasmus University, we round up the latest trends in volunteering, doing good and related social impact outcomes. For this Ebook, we combined big data analysis on more than 450.000 platform activities and a large-scale volunteer survey (15,249 respondents). This leaves you with the best trends and insights to date.

Are you buzzing with ideas like we are after reading the Ebook? Are you curious about the social impact you can make with a custom action platform? Please contact us, we love to spar with you!

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