Director of Growth

Selling our doing good software to companies and other countries

We’re looking for that purpose-driven impact maker to start the evolution of doing good in Europe with us. Care to join?

What we’re building
Social Care Network empowers everyone to do good. Our unique platforms and activation campaigns achieved more than 120.000 impact matches last year, representing more than 1 million hours of voluntary help and impact. This makes us one of the most successful and financially healthy impact organizations in the Netherlands, with NLvoorelkaar the largest volunteer platform nation-wide (and possibly Europe!). 

We started 10 years ago with a simple belief: everyone can make a difference. You just have to make it easy (and fun) to do so. That’s what we did. Our smart, interactive and unique platforms connect everyone who wants to do good to everyone who needs help. That includes nonprofits, foundations ánd 1:1 help. 

With a platform as a base, our service expands to activation, consultancy and support to achieve maximum results, which in our case is impact. No wonder over 65 customers use and appreciate our services with a 8,1 (such as or We now make a match every 2 minutes but the growth potential is even higher than our recent exponential growth… there is so much more that can be done to address societal problems!

Mission and values
We envisage a future where doing good is just as easy (and fun) as booking a vacation. That means: easier to find, to match your preferences and talent and more action. From youngsters to employee engagement to Europe, we see a lot of unused potential ready to transform into impact. We just need some help, so yes: do feel addressed!

Our impact homebase is our office in Breda. Together we develop (almost) everything in-house with an enthusiastic, diverse and dynamic team of almost 20 people. Our common denominator is our passion to do good ánd to match 1.000.000 people to current societal challenges by 2025. Pretty BHAG, but we realized our previous ‘moonshot’ within a few years so dreaming big (and daring to fail) comes as a second nature to us.

About your role
With your help, we’re ready to take the next step in the ‘doing good evolution’: bringing social innovation to other European countries and companies, allowing them to realize their CSR/CSR ambitions to make a difference.

Your role is brand new. Yay for freedom, but expect some exploration work as well. Whichever ‘path’ you decide to walk, it’ll be an impactful one. The growth potential for both companies as the European market is enormous! And of course you’ll ‘never walk alone’: colleagues Jeroen (CEO), Sander (Business Development) and Anne (Marketing) plus the rest of our team will join you on this adventure.

Sowhile the what and how of your role is mostly up to you, we’d love to give you some ideas of your ‘to do’s:: 

  • Rolling out Social Care Network in Europe.
  • Roll out our offer for companies (and of course improve it because we are continuously developing!).
  • Accelerate and improve the B2B marketing and sales strategy.

That means your work day might bring you:

  • (Sales) conversations with interested companies and (distribution) partners in Europe, both in the first exploratory phase as in closing (complex) deals.
  • Brainstorming about innovative lead generation campaigns, for example by rolling out our renowned volunteer research internationally or by organizing and following up a master class with a partner.
  • Scanning opportunities such as grants, international partnerships and meetings and represent Social Care Network here.

About you
We are a flexible team, so we would like to hear where your heart, experience and ideas lie. 

When we think of you, we think of the following qualities:

  • A pioneer, someone who can make something out of nothing and who knows how to successfully take this forward step by step each time.
  • Experience in business development, doing business internationally and entering into strategic partnerships, both in the public domain and with companies.
  • You speak English fluently and can make yourself understood in German. 
  • You feel at home in a small team, with a great sense of responsibility.
  • A growth mindset and sales drive but with the patience to enter and cultivate a new market.
  • You have enough experience to know that there is still a lot to learn 🙂


  • Impactful, purpose driven work.
  • Freedom to work where you want (home, our office etc.).
  • Freedom to organize your working hours yourself, although a little overlap with your target group, who can often be reached between standard office hours, is useful. 

And just like our Dutch motto ‘helpen maakt je happy’ (do good does you good), we’ll ensure your happiness with a tasty lunch everyday, tech setup to your choice, yearly budget for learning and development, volunteering time, team retreats, pension provision, travel allowance, sports opportunities, and of course a suitable salary (depending on experience, age and education) plus a bonus.

We’re looking forward to meet you! Send us a reply via and tell us what drives you, your ideas, experience and talent. See you!